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May 10, 2014

The Additives of Oprah’s Tea


When is a cup of tea not just a cup of tea? When Oprah Winfrey, Starbuck and Teavana join together to present it to you. Now, I like my tea with lemon, with honey, sometimes with lemon, honey, a cinnamon stick and a cough drop when I’m under the weather, but I don’t want my tea with philosophy, politics, and mysticism.

Mysticism is there in droves as you enter any Teavana.  You are bombarded with little Buddha statues throughout the store, which quite honestly, is enough for me not to enter. Add this to Winfrey’s anything goes spiritualism, which the legendary talk show host  religiously crams down your throat in her very successful business of  telling you how to “live your best life.” Tea is not just going to be tea with Winfrey. Tea is an opening into your into your mind, body, and soul.

Sure enough, I watched the new Starbucks commercial with Winfrey doing the voice-over for the Mother’s Day promotion of the Oprah Chai tea line from Teavana. It seems harmless. Why wouldn’t it be? That’s the beloved and trusted media mogul’s M.O.  She’s your “way more enlightened” best friend so why not just drink the Kool-Aid? I mean tea. Take the time to look deeper and Oprah is touting the appreciation of moms. We can all agree with that, but then the oh so subtle celebration of having two moms is slipped into script. Well, if our way more enlightened friend Oprah is in favor of it, then why not? Right? Here we go! She’s already trying to sell you. “Give her a little tolerance with her tea!”

I know, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Of course there will be those who will say, “Just let Oprah be.  She’s just trying to make the world a better place for the little African girls at her school and sell some tea.” The proceeds do go to the school and it’s wonderful that these young girls are getting an awesome opportunity.  Nonetheless, their education will reflect Winfrey’s philosophies and that is a double-edged sword.

It’s time for Christian consumers to wake up and realize that advertisers, big business and broadcasters have an agenda. Can you really watch television these days and not see how there is a war going on and it’s all about swaying your convictions? Go on the Teavana website and see how they are promoting Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sundays” on the OWN network and a new “Steep Your Soul Series.” Steep it with what?!! Oprah-isms!

Unfortunately, many people just follow whatever Oprah trots out as golden—whether it’s Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson or Bishop T.D. Jakes—it doesn’t matter as long as it’s “spiritual.” If you are professing Christianity these mixtures of philosophies do not mix with Jesus. There’s only one way to heaven, no matter what you have been told by Oprah or anybody else.

In Galatians 1:8, the Apostle Paul is addressing the fact that some false teachers were trying to lead new Christian converts astray from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he said this: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”  In an earlier verse, he says this: “I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel…”(Galatians 1:6)

A divided mind makes for confusion and though she’s a billionaire, Oprah Winfrey is a confused billionaire. I will keep on drinking my African Autumn tea by Harney & Sons. It doesn’t have as many additives.


April 6, 2014

She used to be my friend

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woman walking

She used to be my friend 

in a time not so far gone.

She used to be my friend when the laughter was  so strong.

She used to be my friend

and without a chance to try…

the one who was my friend is gone without goodbye.

Tomorrow is not promised…give your roses today.

November 5, 2013

The Path for You is straight

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We can get discouraged at times because it looks like what we truly desire will never come, but there is encouragement in the word of God. His wisdom far exceeds anything we could possibly dream. So don’t look to your left or to your right! You might get mad. You might get envious. You might get sad. You might get turned around. You will definitely get distracted because whatever God has for you is not on the broad path. It’s on the straight and narrow path.

There are some that have veered off and gotten temporary satisfaction. They may have even received what you desired most, but if it wasn’t received in righteousness, there is a price to pay. You don’t want to want to pay that price. God is not a liar. You do reap what you sow, and sowing in unrighteousness brings unrighteous consequences even if reconciliation with God allows that person the grace to bear it.

God gives us His word as an encouragement to keep our minds stayed upon Him. Looking to the left and to the right or following the broad path brings confusion. It’s not where you were meant to be. Stay focused. Stay clean. Stay with your eyes and heart fixed on Him.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.                            (Matthew 7:13-14)

June 15, 2013

Suit Up in God’s Word!


These kids are sharp in their beautiful tuxedos and gowns, but God has a different kind of garment for daily spiritual living.—the whole armor of God.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted on my blog, but life happens. It’s been six whole months—not cool. Nonetheless, I love writing, so in the midst of life happening, writing has to happen too.

This post will be short but sweet. I am writing about something I heard in a prayer the other day. It was a child who talked about how God’s word should be like a language to us. It was so simple but very profound. I thought about how Christ followers would always have a word of encouragement to speak if the word was as familiar to us as our native language. Being a sojourner here on this earth, we should learning as much about heaven’s language as we can. That should be our aspiration. Learning French or Japanese is great, but it simply can’t compare to talking God’s language and communicating to Him through His word.

And while I was just sitting here in one of my favorite bookstores, drinking coffee and being a Wi-Fi hog, I thought about how God’s word should clothe us as well. Now, of course I didn’t make this up. I’m not that deep. God already gave Paul this revelation in Ephesians a couple of thousand years ago. God talks about how we should be clothed with the whole armor of the Lord on a daily basis in Ephesians 6:10-18.


Do you have your shield of faith with you today? Don’t leave home without it!

If we seek God, He has our gear already to go so we can be suited up and ready for the world. Anything this unstable and ungodly world can throw at God’s saints, we are prepared for when we clothe ourselves in Him. So even if Gucci turns your head or Prada makes you smile. Even if Jimmy Choo’s are on your must-have list. Let me tell you what is truly essential gear—the whole armor of God is a must have and it’s never outdated in any season of your life.

Ephesians 6:10-18 (ESV)

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. 14 Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, 15 and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. 16 In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; 17 and takethe helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, 18 praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.

December 5, 2012

Everything old is new again but there’s still nothing new under the sun

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Ballerina flats were popular in the 80’s along with a lot of other trends that have resurfaced. A dramatic color on the bottom will definitely make a statement, but this is not the first time around for this trend.

It’s true! Everything old is new again, or more precisely, as Solomon put it, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Take, for instance, all these pants that are so popular right now-the vibrant colored ones. I heard someone call them statement pants. They come in a variety of colors from the richest of purples to the most exotic of greens. No more limiting ourselves to just the basic black, gray and brown bottoms. Now we have options, but I specifically recall these same kind of options more than two decades ago.

The year was somewhere between 1983 and 1985 and a similar style took place with colored pants but specifically for Lee jeans-yes kids, there was a time when Lee jeans were actually in style. They were especially in style at my catholic school where the option of a plaid skirt was a distant second to the very liberal dress code of any pair of green pants. So you guessed it-green Lee’s for everybody.

I wasn’t one to jump on fads (sidebar: to the people thinking about my virgin bracelets, key earrings or jheri curl, we are not counting the 80’s), but I did put a bid in for a pair of colored Lee jeans. Huge…since I hardly ever asked for anything. With a little bit of asking, the deed was done and I had a brand new pair of red Lee jeans, my sister had a pair too, though I don’t remember the color.

I also remember the ballet shoes, the leg warmers, the Mohawks, the flare/bell bottom pants. There are so many things that hAve come and gone and then came again. Nothing new under the sun. For every generation who thinks they are inventing the wheel-not so-you”re just putting a new tread of tire on the old wheel. Even the person who put the first wheel together was only able to di it from the knowledge of God, Who is ageless, and according to Proverbs, gives knowledge of witty inventions.

When we understand that we have not created anything, it will allow us to be humble and experience how it feels to be a conduit for inspiration and greatness. God is great. God is good and all good and perfect gifts come from him. In fact the word of God tells us that everything that was made, was made by Christ Jesus. We have nothing to brag about because He’s the only Original. Nonetheless, our God only requires that we give glory to Him, and He’s so good to us that He will make us look good sporting His creativity.

November 24, 2012

Parents do know a thing or two without us


When you were born, you did not know which way was up or down, you didn’t know your head from your rear end, and if your parents didn’t feed you, then you would have laid around crying like a—well, like a baby! Thank God for parents. Through all the ups and downs, it’s seems that if a parent is present,  you can breathe just a tad bit easier.

However, somewhere in your teens is when you started to question, “Do they really know?” All of a sudden their style of dress was horrendous, their rules were outrageous, and their personalities were impossible! Do you remember those days? In retrospect, you ought to feel like King David when he found out that he, was the offender in the scenario Nathan laid out for him, saying “Thou art the Man! (read about this in 2 Samuel 12)” Yeah, looking back you were the one that was horrendous; you were outrageous, and you were impossible!

The twenties were a little better because now you had to live life and make choices. When the choices didn’t pan out,  God’s divine order showed you that you weren’t as smart as you thought and your parents were more knowledgeable than you knew. That’s when you  began to appreciate their wisdom a little more. Unfortunately, some of us had to bump our heads on a few cabinets and fall into a few ditches, in order to get the lesson.

ImageNonetheless, you still hung on to some thoughts about your parents lack of hipness. You even marveled when they bought a computer and actually learned how to work it without your guidance. When you saw the flavored creamers in the refrigerator you wondered “Who told them about that?” And when they signed up for Facebook and requested you as a Friend, you nearly fell out of your chair. How arrogant can we be to think that they are not  capable of finding out how to do things without us?

Another crazy twist of life is when you begin to see your parents aging. It can be a scary scenario, especially if your parent isn’t saved.  Believing in Christ unto righteousness, might have been something you were taught by your parents, but sometimes God blesses us with that knowledge in a separate experience and it is the greatest gift that we can offer to them. Nonetheless, seeing your parents age makes you really appreciate that life, even its longevity, is so very short. It’s not like God didn’t tell us. He uses James to write it saying, “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away (James 4:14).”

With the shortness of time in perspective and the fragileness of health being revealed more and more, it’s tempting to treat our parents like they are the children. Yet, there is still a lesson to be learned from them. Yes, there bodies may lack the strength that they once had, but don’t underestimate their minds. They are still just as fierce about protecting you as they were when you were that helpless baby depending on their every move. Don’t sleep on their words. Words are more intentional as you get older. Who has time to mince when time is not promised.

Listen to mom. Listen to dad. Honor them, and search for the gems in their speech. They speak with the purpose of planting a covering for you—one that will shade you from the winds, the sun, and the storms. Are they always right? No, but ask the Lord to give you a discerning ear, so you can know what to take and what to leave. Listen closely and you’ll find that parents do know a thing or two—things that will enrich you and sustain you. God made them to be blessings for us all the days of our lives.

October 31, 2012

Age Appropriate

Do children understand age-appropriate dress?

I know it’s all the rage. I know it’s “cute” and  it’s “cool,” but riddle me this…is it right? “What?” you ask.  Letting children dress upwards of their age. Not to be a fuddy-duddy, but just because everybody is doing it, does not make it a good enough reason for your child, godchild, neice or little cousin to do it.

I was walking in the shoe department at Burlington and I tell you it almost broke my heart to see a pair of heels for a child that couldn’t be more than four years old. They just learned to walk and be balanced and now we are expecting them to manage a heel. I can hardly manage a heel and I’m in my forties. Their bones are still forming and shaping and we allow them to wear a heel because they want to, or it’s “cute” or because Suri Cruise’s parent’s don’t know how to say “no” to their child.

Stop the madness! (Picture from style.chariweb.com)

I blame the consumer for this continuing trend because the supply is only there because there is a demand. The fact that this is the second time I saw this trend in a Burlington Coat Factory and there have been a good amount of months in between the first time I saw the trend to my recent visit —this tells me that the demand has not weaned.

Okay, maybe you agree with me on the baby heels, but this might go down a little harder. Why are little girls walking around in costume jewelry that looks like they should be going to a night at the Met. Forever 21 is one of the stores that teens and preteens get their trough of spectacular bling. The store is called Forever 21, but you will note that ages 12, 13, 14, and 15 through 45 are in this store.

I’m sure that Forever 21 knows the ages of the people who come in and buy their jewelry.  It’s their business to know that sort of thing, but it is not their business to tell teens and pre-teens that the jewelry they are buying is not age appropriate. You might be able to gather that from the name of the store. After all, everyone knows that 21 is that age kids want to get to because they are legal for pretty much everything and yet they are still not old. Heck, some adults would go back and stay at 21 if they could. Not me . . .been there, done that and have plenty of pictures, so I don’t need the tee-shirt.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong for them to shop there, but I’m saying that some of the pieces are just too grown, and who are they modeling themselves to look like anyway? Behind every trend there is usually a celebrity or video girl who little girls are trying to emulate. How do I know? I was a teen and the Bible tells me “there is nothing new under the sun.” I wore Madonna’s virgin bracelets, a key earring to be like Janet Jackson,  had my hair styled in a bob to look like Whitney Houston in the video “How will I know.” These were my top three influences and if you think your child hasn’t admired Rihanna, Beyonce or even Miey Cyrus or Taylor Swift you are probably wrong.

Sasha and Malia have a great example of dress in First Lady Michelle Obama.

The first daughters, Sasha and Malia are pictured with their parents. Both are lovely and very age appropriate…like mother like daughters. (Picture from the Boston Globe)

As a woman, be a good example. for the girls in your life. Give them an example of style and class at an early age. Show them how to dress appropriately for their age and express to them that there are times that they can graduate to receiving cetain privileges. Heels may be 16 or maybe 17, depending on their maturity. Then, when they are able to wear the heel, let them know what type of heel they can wear. A low heel should come first. Then explain the different types of heels. Certain heels are classy, some are funky, and some look like the person wearing it  just got off from the evening shift working the corner. Let them know that they don’t want to look like that.

People do treat you according how you are dressed, and no you may not feel that it is right, but it’s reality. Why should you want to dress like something you are not anyway? If you walk like a duck, expect  to be treated like one. And no, I don’t believe that people have the right to touch you or yell rude and nasty language at you because of your clothes, but the fact is if you don’t dress that way you don’t have to worry about it.

I still remember wearing a very revealing blouse (as I usually did before Jesus became my Savior) and I was quite annoyed as one of my coworkers talked directly to my breast. Yes, that was a jerky thing to do and I addressed him about it, but in retrospect, I realize that the girls shouldn’t have been out there. People have freedom to look, even though men disrespect themselves  as a gentleman when gawking. I mentioned that I stopped wearing blouses like that when I got saved. That was not a decision anybody told me to make, it was the conviction of the Holy Spirit who guided me to see that it wasn’t how I wanted to represent myself or the Lord. He even showed me how it looked when I had to serve someone who came up to me with everything out there. As much as I didn’t want to look, I couldn’t help looking because it was in my face.

Clothes come with attitudes. You walk a little different in certain shoes or when your bust is exposed. You feel a little sexier when your jeans are tighter. But my question is what is a  teen/pre-teen doing feeling sexy anyway? It’s not their time for all of that.  They should feel cute or pretty, but sexy is not for kids.

Again, women—be their example. Let them desire to emulate you. Let their friends say “Your mother/aunt/ cousin/godmother sure does dress well.” They’ll see a respect that can’t be gained with “cheap” and “half-naked.” Besides those things are a dime a dozen these days. Style and grace, however, will always turn heads. Add humility and the beauty that only God can give and you are untouchable at any age.

July 9, 2012

Will you stand in the ugly usher dress?


Sunday fashion ranges from the modest to the ostentatious. Somewhere in between is where most people probably fall. Nonetheless, there is a segment of Sunday fashion that is not meant to draw attention, but to serve as an uniform for a particular role within the Body of Christ. Choirs have their robes, nurses have their lab coats, and ushers have their usher dresses.

Usher-wear ranges, but there is a good segment of ushers who are suited up in very plain white cotton dresses that are typically to or over the knee. Again, the dresses are not the most fashionable, but it is meant to allow the congregation to identify the doorkeepers in the house of God. Ushers literally open the doors for those entering in the church, they give out fans, and guide the offering lines. In some churches the ushers take up the collection, tidy up the sanctuary, and they are always there to serve the congregation’s needs.

In my church, all the ushers are in uniform on Communion Sunday. We wear our uniforms for the Communion service and keep it on for the evening service as well. This past Communion Sunday, I had the opportunity to hang out with two of my favorite Christian teens, who happen to be on the usher board. I remember when they joined the usher board. They were about seven years old and so cute. The white dresses were a source of pride for them. They were finally big enough to serve the Lord as an usher. Fast forward about nine years and everything has grown and evolved, including their thoughts on the usher dress.

After church, their mother decided that we would go get ice cream by the mall. Sounds like a plan, right? It’s been a steamy July and ice cream sure would hit the spot. Now, I did mention that these are teen-agers, right? I did mention that the dresses are not the most fashionable, right? I did mention that the ice cream we were getting was by the mall, right? Do you see the dilemma? Yes they are “Christian,” but they are also teens-a key component in this tale of fashion meets fate.

My two young Christian friends are sisters and teen sister #1 is A-okay with being in her uniform. She’s a fashionista, but she seems to be handling the “ice cream by the mall in my usher dress” experience with a cool exterior. Teen sister #2 . . . not so much. That’s a bit of a different story. Her take on the experience is more like “OMG! People are going to see me.” Her mother, sister and I try to calm her down and play down the significance of being in the usher uniform.

“You just came from church!”

“Who care’s nobody’s looking at you.”

“Don’t be ashamed of being an usher.  Are you ashamed of God!”

As you may imagine, the last comment didn’t go over so well.

“I’m not ashamed of God, but I like to look good.

I don’t look good in this usher uniform. It’s ugly.”

I’m admittedly paraphrasing the conversation, but this is pretty much the gist. The funny thing about this whole experience is that God really does have unique, hand-crafted tests, just for us, at every level. For better or worse, He lets us know what is in us. When I tell you that this experience was hand-crafted, it couldn’t have fit my young embarrassed teen friend’s situation any tighter than Serena Williams infamous black catsuit at the U. S. Open.

During the course of our excursion, which first took us to the bookstore and then to the ice cream shop, these sisters saw four people they knew while wearing “the ugly usher dress.” One had a “Whatever!” attitude and the other was, dare I say, “freaking out.” It seemed like the more she freaked out, the more people she saw that she knew. She kept saying things like “Lord help me. . .” but I don’t know if she realized that He was. He was helping her to learn how to get over herself and stand as a representative for Him.

Every last one of us as Christians will have some kind of situation to experience to stamp out shame. We can’t be ashamed of who we are in Christ. We are Christians in church and because we don’t live in church, we are also Christians outside of the church. This young sister is a remarkably strong young person in Christ. God is using her now and be the Lord’s will, He will use her tremdously in the future, but God is such a marksman that He knows what areas need work.

It’s nice to get dressed up and represent the Lord, but every experience isn’t going to be a pretty experience. What if God wants us to roll up our sleeves and get dirty? Are we going to be worried about the way we look and who sees us? That’s a distraction and a hindrance to the work of Christ. So we all have to learn how to get over ourselves through our relationship with Christ. He will enable us to stand in that ugly usher dress (or insert your issue here) because bigger challenges are ahead.

May 21, 2012

Is that a crow in your mouth? Try wisdom!

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But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (James 3:17).” It’s funny how God works. I was put in a situation where I was asked to work on a Sunday. My first thoughts: “Are you kidding me?” I don’t play that, and my employers know that I don’t work Sundays. However, since there was no one else available to work, since everybody who would normally work is going to a former associate’s graduation,  I was put on the schedule. What?!!! How can I be put on a schedule if that is my scheduled day off? Please help me understand.

At this point I’m irritated. No, I’m furious. I’m wrangling and trying to get this misunderstanding understood. Somebody’s going to have to miss this graduation because this is my scheduled day off. I’m talking with one of the assistant managers and I’m telling her “I’m not coming in.” She’s sick of me, there’s nothing she can do. She’s not the one who did it, but she can get a message to the manager who did, so she’s going to have to take this chewing off of the ear and pass it on. Don’t they know I have to usher? Don’t they know I need to worship?  Don’t they know that I have to hear God’s word. It’s Sunday you heathens!

So, I”m troubled as I sit in choir rehearsal, the Saturday before the Sunday that I’m scheduled for work. “Pastor, I was asked to work tomorrow because yada yada yada yada and everybody is going to this graduation.” Pastor says, “Go.” I say in myself “Huh?” I say to my pastor, “That’s not what I thought you were going to say.” Pastor laughs and shares with me    to let them know this would not be a regular thing, but I am still stunned by the “Go.” Then you know what scripture comes immediately to my mind? “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” I couldn’t remember the whole scripture, but God blessed me to remember that is easily intreated. That means it’s not stubborn it will just say yes to whatever needs to be done. Is that crow that I’m tasting. I believe I have a phone call to make.

So I call back to the job to get it right with the assistant manager. I hand her back the ear that I previously chewed off and I try to place it back in place as sweetly as I can. I was wrong for being on some self-righteous, legalistic wave-length when wisdom said, “Be a blessing.” I have to admit, I was trying to get myself together because I felt I had been wronged, so pray for me saints. I didn’t like how it went down, but things aren’t always going to be so pretty and tidy. That’s where humility on the saint’s part comes in.

This was a good experience for me because I needed to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath like the word of God says (James 1:19). I was quick to hear, quick to speak and quick to wrath. There’s a big “F” on that test, but knowing the Lord, he will bring it around again, and prayerfully I’ll allow the Holy Spirit to be my guide the next time. God wants His children not to just “go to church,” He wants us to “be the church.” We reflect His image shouldn’t we be pure, peacable, gentle, easily intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and hypocrisy?

May 3, 2012

The Dress Code of LIfe’s Moments

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Over the years, I have had various part-time retail jobs in clothing stores and in serving customers you realize that fashion represents certain moments in our lives. A woman entered the boutique and I told her what the deals of the day were. She seemed appreciative enough. She circled the store and other sales associates approached her to help her and she kept looking for her outfit quietly. All of a sudden she made a bee-line for me and next thing I knew she was whispering softly saying, “My daughter died and I need you to help me buy an outfit for her funeral so I can get out of here quickly.

In my shock, I managed to move my feet as my heart fell, thinking of the despair this woman was feeling. She said “You’re going to be my angel to get me through this.” Now I’m nobody’s angel, just a woman of God who desires to show God’s glory. So that qualifies me as a servant. That’s enough of a title for me.

I didn’t know the woman’s faith but I did know she needed an outfit and she needed to get out of the store fast. So I whizzed around the store showing her different options. This woman was a very simple dresser, she shared that she hadn’t bought clothes in years. Thankfully, God blessed me to find something very comfortableappropriate and pretty.

It’s funny…not haha funny but weird. A mother never really counts on finding an outfit for their child’s funeral. What does that outfit look like? Something else that struck me is the plague of body self-consciousness still seems to affect people in the midst of mourning. We found an outfit that hid what it needed to hide and allowed the grieving mom to feel confident in her outfit choice and we did it all in  record time.

One of my coworkers who was not privy to the conversation wanted to add accessories, but the woman quickly cut off that conversation because she was ready to go. I could tell my coworker thought she was being nasty, but she was being abrupt because of the circumstance.

We finished ringing up her purchase when she realized she needed an outfit for the wake as well. I quickly found another top she could wear with the same skirt and she was overjoyed to be done. As she left we had a gift we were giving away. It was a charm bracelet. She gave it to me and thanked me profusely then gave a good word to my manager.

I cannot tell you how that whole experience made me look at how important it is to look at people and make no assumptions. You never know what people are going through and sometimes all they need is a little help and a prayer on their behalf. It also showed me the importance fashion plays in the different moments of one’s life, providing some small sense of comfort, confidence, and a sense of togetherness, even when one’s world appears to be falling apart.

Finally, the last thing I would say about this incident is the importance of knowing your role. There is no shame  in being a servant, especially when it helps others to make it through difficulties we can’t imagine. However, if this woman never came up to me and shared with me all that she shared, my attitude should have been exactly the same because a consistent, unwavering, non-flickering light of Jesus Christ is what the world needs to see at all times.

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