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August 23, 2014

Solo not So Low

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As one gets older, one of the things a single person may experience is loneliness. Nonetheless, what’s one to do? Stay in a pitiful low state because you are alone? No. It’s one of those things you have to learn to embrace, get past, even learn to enjoy. It’s not going to change until it changes so why be miserable and stay in a constant state of looking and waiting for that one and only.

After a while, everything you do is based on whether you think that person is going to be in the place where you show up. Ai yai yai! I’m tired already because it’s too much thinking, planning, and focusing on the imaginary instead of dealing with today, now—your real gift of life. Stop waiting and get busy and doing. A dear friend encouraged me just the other day to go to a concert that I had wanted to go to. I was debating because I just did not want to go by myself, but once I got there I enjoyed myself so I’m glad the Lord allowed me to push past myself and go. It was a blessing.

giving-challengeSingleness is a gift. Yes, I hear the sighs and the dull wind of those eyelashes whipping as your eyeballs are rolling. I’m not going to argue the point because it says it in the word. So if it says it in the word, God didn’t allow just any old word to represent Him so we need to align ourselves and be open to understand how singleness is a gift.

I’m not saying it’s a gift we wanted, but if we are still single and up in age then God does have His reasons. It might be that it’s a gift we needed  So open up the box, don’t try to return it because it’s nonrefundable. God will replace it when and if the time is right. So my suggestion to my fellow single ladies is don’t hurry up and try to find somebody to put a ring on it. That may be more trouble than you know. And single men, don’t be in such a rush to find someone to place a ring on. God may have you percolating for a reason as well. Again, ladies, stay in your place, let God allow the man to find you. He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing. Are you a good thing?

My pastor makes it a point to replace good with Godly? So answer that question now. How can you be more Godly,? Well perhaps that where the gift of singleness comes in. Draw closer to God and He will draw closer to you. Knock on the door and He will be the one to answer. Seek Him and all of His goodness and all other things will be added unto you. Delight yourself in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart—your newly submitted committed, Godly heart.

alone_with_the_alone_by_pakpaoIt’s not for singles to be so low when flying solo. I recently saw a movie where a woman was walking down the street and saw her ex-boyfriend with his new fiancé. Imagine the worst case scenario and then multiply it by fifty. Of course they were extra happy and extra lovey-dovey, so in her humanity—and by that I mean sin—she felt the need to make up an imaginary boyfriend. We already know this is a bad idea, right?

Later on, after having lied and saying that she was meeting her boyfriend for dinner, who should show up at the place where she was dining alone? Of course…we multiplied it times fifty remember? They had to come into the very same restaurant out of all 600 restaurants in the neighborhood. Well, she tried to carry on the story, but she was going down faster than a speeding bullet. The chef, who had no idea what she had told her ex-boyfriend, unknowingly, busted her. The ex-boyfriend inquired where that wonderful boyfriend she had been raving about was. He had his reasons—first and foremost—nosiness. The chef, smiling, says to the ex-boyfriend “No…Sushi for one…always one!”

Okay! So it’s sushi for ondevotional1e and it’s always one, but if it is then enjoy your sushi and don’t be pretty with it. Or, stretch out and invite a girl friend or a guy friend to go out with you. If you are opposite sex, keep it holy, keep it above reproach. One of the first scriptures I really held on to says not to let your good be evil spoken of. Just because it seems innocent to you, don’t give people pause to talk about you because even though it’s your name is in their mouths, God is getting a bad rep because you say you belong to Him.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to be single with a little age. I know people get super spiritual and act like it is or it’s no big deal, but God hears our concerns and tells us to cast them on Him. He hears them and He cares for us and He doesn’t see our concerns as “no big deal.” He does however recognize when we, like my pastor tends to say, “are flying too low.” We don’t have to be so low when flying solo. If we take our focus off of ourselves and let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts, I believe the waters will be much easier to navigate. Sure we may may experience some rough seas at times, but the Spirit of the One who has the power to calm the raging sea and tell the winds to stop blowing is the Captain of our salvation and He will not steer us wrong when He has control.