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December 21, 2010

The Best Looking You on a Budget

Believe it...You can look your best on a budget!

In these times of economic challenges, there is still no excuse for not being the “best looking you” you can be. This is a message to me as much as it is a message for you because there are times when I reason and make excuses for not doing what I need to do to keep my appearance up. Now I don’t let it go to the extreme because as a woman, I can’t get too far out there…the girly girl kicks in really fast. However, I say this as an encouragement to those who have found themselves in the position of looking at their wardrobe and feeling  “the blahs!” Even if funds are not abundant, that’s not a reason for you not to put your best foot forward in your appearance. A very wise woman knows that even if she only has two blouses and two pants she should first thank the Lord for having what she has and then keep the two blouses and pants washed and neat.  Also in acknowledging Christ in all of your ways, God can show you how to accessorize and mix up your wardrobe.

It’s like those mothers who turned canned meat and instant potatoes into a meal fit for a king. You do the most with what you have. The Bible even tells us to be faithful in a few things and then God would make us ruler over many(Matthew 25:21) . It also tells us to humble ourselves before the Lord and He will exalt us (Luke 14:11). No you may not be able to get the designer names, but with a little work you could look just as good. And guess what? I have a friend who gets whatever designer names he wants at the thrift stores. He has staked them out and gets top-quality clothes with very little coinage.

There are lots of chic finds at affordable prices to be found at consignment shops, vintage stores and thrift stores.

So we have established that it takes work. You can’t just wish for it. Check out your local thrift stores, consignment shop, vintage shop or outlet store. True outlet stores have deep discounts, so investigate and find out where some of your thrifty friends do their shopping. You may find out that those fancy duds don’t cost as much as you think they do.

Check out your major department stores because clearance prices can be extreme.  Nordrstrom  Rack and Macy’s are fantastic with their clearance racks. You also should look at your Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Burlington and Ross stores as well.  I saw a woman the other day who looked so great I had to ask her where she got her whole outfit.  The boots she was wearing may have been $150 to $200 and she got them for around $35 dollars at Marshalls. Her whole outfit was from Marshalls and it was beautiful.  And look, let’s get out of this prima donna /diva status where we can’t rifle through the racks.  Yes, it can be a little frustrating if you really like to have things orderly, but treat it like a treasure hunt where the ends justify the means.

After Christmas is the perfect time to see the deep discounts. Remember that retail is always a season ahead, so if you buy off-season (as in a season behind), you will be able to stock up for the next year. Don’t be stuck on buying something because it’s the style right now. Buy smart!

Some say the best things in life are free. Will you be to proud to accept it? My church does a yearly giveaway and we are instructed to give things that we would want to receive. We are told that we should give that thing that we want to keep. See, when you give like that you are sure to be a blessing.  I’ll never forget a family that came to the giveaway and found a winter coat for their son. It was a big black, bubble-coat. It was quite stylish, so the little boy who was probably about eight or nine was happy to receive it. More than the look on the little boy’s face was the look on his father’s face.  I could have cried when seeing the relief it brought to that father who would not have to figure out how to adjust the family’s finances or neglect paying a bill to  get his little boy a coat. Look on listings like Craigslist and you will see a section that simply says FREE. You will find listing for giveaways, people simply wanting to give all kinds of articles from furniture to exercise equipment to clothes.

You can find things that represent you within your budget, but you have to be willing to do the work. Aren’t you a worthy cause?

August 28, 2010

Going past the comfort zone

Red-haired girl

I used to be a big Peanuts fan. It’s only in the last several years that I realized that Charlie Brown was chronically depressed. Even so, Charlie Brown is a great case study of someone desperately desiring to get past his comfort zone. Think of the little red-haired girl, who was the object of his affection. He plotted and planned to have a conversation with her and then chickened out, and plotted and planned and chickened out again, and again, and oh yes…again. Then one day he finally did it. He talked to the little red-haired girl. No doubt his heart was palpitating, his words may have jumbled, but He took the risk and came out of his comfort zone to do it. Doing what you are so nervous about is half the battle. You breathe a sigh of relief and know no matter what the outcome – you did it!

This may be a stretch, but I’m feeling limber…let’s relate this topic to beauty. I’ve known people who stick to certain colors, hairstyles, pant or top lengths, and shoe styles because they don’t feel comfortable wearing anything else. That’s called a rut, and sometimes as a result of  insecurities,  reinforced by family, friends, or the not so friendly “in-crowd,” we have made the decision to stay in that rut. Why? Because it’s our comfort zone. We can hide or disguise in order to stick within our range of comfortability. Can you relate?

In retail, you see this  sort of thing all the time. Someone comes in a store and has a color scheme they absolutely need to stick to. God forbid, they wear a red…that’s too trashy, or a yellow…that’s too bright for their skin-color, but what about wearing that forbidden color as a belt or a shoe? They could even play with the color in a chunky neckace or bracelet. No color should be absolutely off limits!

Did you know that comfort zones aren’t necessarily the things that we hide, they can also be the things we expose. Ever wonder why it’s so easy to show off your body with absolutely no inhibitions. Could it be that your comfort zone is the attention you get when your body is exposed. God calls his children’s bodies His temple, so does His temple need extra clothes or is a half-dressed temple a fitting place for the Holy Spirit to dwell.  If I could encourage you to do away with one comfort zone, this would be the one. Don’t make yourself merchandise for anyone, you’re better than that. You are priceless.

 More comfort zones to expose? But, of course. You’ve got your people who don’t wear stripes because it makes them look too fat! Then there are the no skirts without boots gals, who say their legs are too skinny, and don’t forget the red-heads with a closet full of green and that’s it! My advice – wear your stripes and make them vertical, or even vertical with alternating size stripes in between. Be comfortable with your legs…boots are hot in the summer. Red heads, I know that it can be hard to match your hair with other colors but it doesn’t hurt to experiment. Outbake the baker, be a smart cookie and do your own research.

Though her forehead is big, singer Sade Adu does not hide it.

Now this next topic is near and dear to me. It’s the forehead issue, to which you hear the reply: “Now you know my forehead is too big to wear my hair away from my face.” If I had a dime for everytime I heard someone say that about themselves or their child…I would be about a dollar richer (Okay, I’m not getting loaded off this comment but you get my point.) Obviously Sade didn’t get that memo because she’s a beautiful big forehead rockin’ woman.  I mean no disrespect, but with a forehead like Sade’s somebody had to tell her that it’s best for her to cover it up. Apparently, she didn’t listen because now it’s her trademark (along with her music, of course). So grab a pair of killer hoop earrings and let your forehead be your guide.

 You can choose to stay nestled in your comfort zone (except for the over-exposed example). It’s okay. Just like Linus loved his security blanket, don’t let anyone take it away from you, if that’s what you like. Just do it because you want to, not because someone has put you in a corner and forbid you to come out of it. In the words of one of my favorite movies: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner (Dirty Dancing, 1987).” Break out! Whether it’s weight, height, acne, complexion, colors, facial features, bodily features. Challenge yourself to break down the barriers and become more confident in who you are. Do it with class and grace and knowing that physical things will pass away, but the best possible comfort zone is the comfort of salvation in Christ. Beautifully yours, AVON Representative Monica Johnson

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