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December 5, 2012

Everything old is new again but there’s still nothing new under the sun

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Ballerina flats were popular in the 80’s along with a lot of other trends that have resurfaced. A dramatic color on the bottom will definitely make a statement, but this is not the first time around for this trend.

It’s true! Everything old is new again, or more precisely, as Solomon put it, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Take, for instance, all these pants that are so popular right now-the vibrant colored ones. I heard someone call them statement pants. They come in a variety of colors from the richest of purples to the most exotic of greens. No more limiting ourselves to just the basic black, gray and brown bottoms. Now we have options, but I specifically recall these same kind of options more than two decades ago.

The year was somewhere between 1983 and 1985 and a similar style took place with colored pants but specifically for Lee jeans-yes kids, there was a time when Lee jeans were actually in style. They were especially in style at my catholic school where the option of a plaid skirt was a distant second to the very liberal dress code of any pair of green pants. So you guessed it-green Lee’s for everybody.

I wasn’t one to jump on fads (sidebar: to the people thinking about my virgin bracelets, key earrings or jheri curl, we are not counting the 80’s), but I did put a bid in for a pair of colored Lee jeans. Huge…since I hardly ever asked for anything. With a little bit of asking, the deed was done and I had a brand new pair of red Lee jeans, my sister had a pair too, though I don’t remember the color.

I also remember the ballet shoes, the leg warmers, the Mohawks, the flare/bell bottom pants. There are so many things that hAve come and gone and then came again. Nothing new under the sun. For every generation who thinks they are inventing the wheel-not so-you”re just putting a new tread of tire on the old wheel. Even the person who put the first wheel together was only able to di it from the knowledge of God, Who is ageless, and according to Proverbs, gives knowledge of witty inventions.

When we understand that we have not created anything, it will allow us to be humble and experience how it feels to be a conduit for inspiration and greatness. God is great. God is good and all good and perfect gifts come from him. In fact the word of God tells us that everything that was made, was made by Christ Jesus. We have nothing to brag about because He’s the only Original. Nonetheless, our God only requires that we give glory to Him, and He’s so good to us that He will make us look good sporting His creativity.


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